SKEWIFF, proud purveyors of bush music and other odd treats, have been playing together since October, 1983, in Sydney (their home town) and in such internationally acclaimed venues as the Wattle Flat Race Course and Gundagai Services Club.
Rum Rebellion concerns dastardly deeds done long ago in the local corridors of power. Some might say that the echoes still ring down through the ages. The tune at the end is Dr Ross's 50 th Welcome To The Argyllshire Gathering . D.K.

ANGELA PHIPPEN was first recorded on the album Workers In The Field Volume 1 (RM003). Since then she has continued to develop her talents as a songwriter and performer in folk clubs and choral groups in and around Sydney.
Once A Town : Kaluna and Drake are two towns in northern NSW which are gradually dying. This song personifies them and combines their characteristics into a single town. Though people leave and the buildings decay, the spirit of the town remains for a possible rebirth. A.P.

ULRICH FABER started playing and singing in 1977. In 1982 he began writing his own songs and first performed in a Sydney folk club in 1983. Since then he has performed many times solo, and with the Mongo Moth Boo Boo Band.
Davey's Blues is a biography of a Canadian singer/songwriter. Being based on second hand information, it may not be wholly true. For this, David, my apologies – I did the best I could. U.F.

MARGARET BRADFORD sings traditional and contemporary songs (mostly Australian, Scottish and Irish). An avid follower of folk music for many years, she was encouraged to leave a choir in which she had sung for 12 years to perform at small friendly clubs like Bankstown and Sutherland. She has set a number of poems to music.
Where The Dead Men Lie was written by Barcroft Boake, a popular balladist of the late 19 th century. A melancholic, discouraged by unemployment, he hung himself with his stockwhip at the age of 27.

BANDICOOT JUICE fermented on a Sydney building site in 1984-5, with Biok Bros, Bricklayers and Ken Discombe, brickies' labourer/musician. Ken was born in Melbourne and has been associated with the Wendy Saddington band, Nigel Stuart Jazz band and others. Gordon was born in W.A. and is a co-founder of Open House in the Southern Highlands.
Turn It All Around was written in 1983 after French atomic testing at Muroroa Atoll, while I was helping form the Southern Highlands Peace Movement. G.B.

JO & MERRAN BATES have been harmonising together since they were 13 and 12 year old sisters singing different parts in the school's choir. These days they can often be found together in the early hours of the morning, fingers in ears, arranging harmonies for their latest favourite song.
Under Southern Skies is an astral view of Australia. P.B.

STICKY'S MOB is a thriving bush band from Warragamba! The band began as a duo in 1981 at the Settlers' Mulgoa (Penrith City Folk Club). Subsequent members came and went, and the band stabilised at 5 members, playing in and around Penrith.
The Worker's Dream is for the struggling worker who dreams of something better in life – away from suburbia, escaping into the free and open spaces. B.S.

PEOPLESPEAK. Peter said he wanted to record his songs. He was already doing it with Eddy. I was doing it too. We all got together and were embarrassed, but only for a while. M.L.
Hypocrite originated from a poem I wrote when I was 15, I think it's still relevant. E.R.

CIERWEN JONES started singing in Sydney Eisteddfods at the age of 8. In 1973 she discovered Cellar Folk and became a regular performer and audience member. She also sang in wine bars and made her first visit to Bankstown Folk. In March, 1984, she returned to Bankstown Folk, and has managed to make herself part of the furniture ever since.
Dangerous Man , like everything I've ever written, but was afraid to play, is a very personal song. Its theme is best expressed by the comment of a workmate, “Is he really dangerous? Or are you just nervous?”

MARK ALLERTON has been singing and playing guitar in several aggregations around the Sydney Folk Scene for a few years now. After being hauled up to start off several Bankstown Folk Club nights, he decided to see what he could do on his own. This time, to his delight, Jo & Merran Bates came along for the ride.
Everyday's Paradise taps into the excitement which vibrates through most of Sydney as summer approaches – a time when we all revert to our fundamental identities (a bunch of larrikin lotus eaters!).

JORGE HURTADO was born in Chile and emigrated to Australia in 1972 with his wife and family. His style is unmistakably South American, yet his songs are an expression of his hopes and experiences in a new country.
Dreams of Childhood is about work and play and is sung in English and Spanish.

PAT LALLY “Ah! There but for the grace of God go I,” some would say. After being used as the poor, wretched soul at Sobriety Lectures, to demonstrate the Evils Of Drink, Patrick turned his hand to songwriting.
Bachelor's Despair is disgustingly melancholic – the work of an ingrate. Don't listen to this song! P.L.