KAREN OTTLEY is a New Zealander, now living in the ACT "Rainbow Warrior" is a fitting start to this album in the International Year of Peace

British born Sydney resident LES McKINNA's "Summer/Winter Phase" captures the rustic air which invades even the dirty city as the seasons change

PHIL HUNGERFORD is based in Australia's Country Music Capital, Tamworth "Somebody's Little Boy" lays bare the plight of the homeless and derelict who surely, once, must have been loved

JO & MERRAN BATES are a Sydney duo "Show My Love" explores the very Anglo-Saxon trait of bottling up emotion

Wollongong's ROANOKE (two Irishmen and one Australian) perform "Galbally Farmer", the only song on this album whose author is unknown, though it seems to have been written by some poor Irish labourer with a sense of humour!

After digging spuds in old Ireland, many hopefuls went to America in search of a better life, but often ended up with a tragic tale to tel1 THE MURRUMBIDGEE WHALERS' "Here's to America" relates one such story Previously released on the Whalers' 1985 self-titled cassette (MW001), this is a remixed version The 3 Whalers are from Australia, Britain and Ireland

THE SPANGLED DRONGOES' "Turn Around" is a direct plea to world leaders up to their eyebrows in death-dealing weapons to change direction NOW! The Drongoes are all immigrants to these shores (from Britain, New Zealand and Malaya), and "Turn Around" is a remixed version from their 1985 cassette "Land of Plenty?" (RRP009)

Danish born GERT MATTHIAS, who now lives in Richmond, NSW, chose to interpret "Ocean Deep" (written by the late Andy Durant) because "the song seems to float along as if you're sailing on the ocean "

Paul Bacon wrote "Troubadour" for and about the late John Lennon, and Sydneysider CIERWEN JONES decided to contribute this song about a tireless worker for peace to this album

ULRICH FABER wrote "Some Things Seem Closer" about growing up, as opposed to just growing older This Sydney singer/songwriter is a former member of the Mongo Moth Boo Boo Band

JENNY SHIMMIN has guested as a banjo player on many Australian country and folk music albums "Crystal Creek" is her first recorded solo work, and is dedicated to Bullamakanka's Rex Radonich, RIP

PAUL BACON's "Goodbye Diane" concerns the struggle to let go of the past Paul is presently working on his own album ("Requiem for Dreamers") for Sydney's Primitive Productions

Scottish born JIM GREGORY and Australian born GARY HOWES close this volume with a song that refers to the theme underpinning the whole album peace Dougie Maclean's "Tumbling Down" is from Jim and Gary's unreleased Restless album "Over the Oceans" Gary is now working in the USA and Jim is now a founder member of The Flyte.