1. SHE'S LIKE A TREE (P.Davies) Everyone should have the chance to know at least one person in their lifetime who gives as much love, warmth, humour, strength and refuge to all those lucky enough to know them, as our “Rowen Tree” did for so many of us. (PD)

2. AURELIA (P.Davies/R.Ilott) At the age of fourteen I left Nottingham , England , to travel with my family on the MV Aurelia through the Bay of Biscay, the Mediterranean Sea, the Suez Canal, and the Indian Ocean to the mysterious land of Australia . The trip was my first huge adventure and the ship, filled with other migrants and young travellers from the UK and Europe , was home for 6 weeks. I could have sailed on forever! (PD)

3. FOUR HORSEMEN (E.Harrington/R.Abbott/R.Ilott) Four bushrangers in primitive armour must have been a terrifying sight in late 19th century Australia . Their faceless modern counterparts, in suits and ties, have obscene wealth, but no concept of giving to the poor. (RI)

4. THE CIRCLE GAME (J.Mitchell) This song has so much more relevance to us now as our son, (and drummer!) has grown up and moved out into the world. I've always loved it, and wanted to sing it, since I first heard it in 1969. To care for a human being as they grow up is one of the most fulfilling tasks on earth. (PD)

5. CRAZY WEATHER (P.Davies/R.Ilott) Our Earth, by some reports, has seventeen centuries worth of coal left to mine and burn (Hey, then we can find some more on other worlds!). One wonders how much more the fragile atmosphere and ecosystems on this tiny planet can take. (RI)

6. O'MARA'S FRONT VERANDAH (P.Davies/R.Ilott) Many once-lovely old buildings suffer under unimaginative bureaucracy. Some don't survive it - but in this case the grand old lady regained both her grace and her links with the past – thanks to “smiling Bob who did the job”. (PD)

7. THE GOLDFIELD (W.Scott/R.Ilott) In a few words, Bill Scott paints a picture of hope, greed, desolation, and renewal - and the insignificance of humankind. (RI)

8. WET SEASON BLUES (Trad/R.Ilott) Over the years, we've sung and recorded quite a few songs about weather - rain in particular. I'm a big fan of clear blue skies (particularly during cricket season), so can relate to the sentiments in this song! (RI)

9. SONG OF THE ARTESIAN WATER (A.B.Paterson/C.O'Sullivan/arr. R.Ilott) In Australia's past it was thought that there was an endless supply of water underground. The search for, and subsequent waste of, irreplaceable artesian water is one of the epic tragedies of our history. (PD)

10. PTE. HERBERT THOMAS SCARD (R.Ilott) My Great-Uncle, Herbert Thomas Scard, was just a lad when he went off to WWI – his Service Record shows he was 5'4” when he joined up and 5'8” when he was discharged. I have a couple of postcards he sent to his Mother, Martha, from Europe . The chorus is based on a few of the lines he wrote. There are many “forgotten ones” of war - my Uncle Herb was one of them. (RI)

11. MUST HAVE BEEN THE MOON (J.Cannon) In the mid-1970's, Joe Cannon, the writer of this song, Jed Hudson, the bass player on this album, and I were members of the Sydney-based folk/country rock band the Rusty Dusty Bros. In 1976, RDB's were the first band to play Live-to-Air Concerts on 2JJ (now Triple Jay). Here's a reworked version of one of Joe's songs from around that era. (RI)

12. ARMSTRONG (J.C.Stewart) The moonwalk in July, 1969, captured the imagination of the whole world. It seemed to give hope during yet another period in world history that was dominated by conflict. The message of this song is just as relevant today as it was when Reg Lindsay recorded his moving version 40 years ago. (RI)

13. GOODBYE TO YOUR SCHOOLDAYS (P.Davies/R.Ilott) Life's full of endings - fortunately most of the endings are also new beginnings. We wrote this song to sing at Jordy's end of school Awards ceremony in 2006 - there wasn't a dry eye in the place! (PD)

14. PEACEFUL (Trad/J.Bogin) One night in April 2003, Gordon Bok sang this song in our lounge room at Folkstone; we, and a host of our friends, joined in the choruses. As the song ended, the magic remained. It's been a favourite of ours ever since. (RI)

15. STORM KING JAM (P.Davies/R.Ilott/J.Hudson/J.Davies-Ilott) This spontaneous studio warm-up/sound check is kind of our Captain Soul/Pet Sounds. The title? Our home, Folkstone, overlooks Storm King Dam in Queensland 's Granite Belt. (RI)