I so enjoyed listening to Manifold's Lute.I played it traveling through the landscape on the train to Rosewood ( and again coming back) and was completely transported to that era, to the time and place conjured up so clearly. The music and scene around it; the spirit, talent and humor of the amazing people who gathered in Wynnum around John Manifold.

What a lovely cultural record it is, sharply observed and without any excess sentimentality. It felt real and true. You guys put it together so well - the tone and pace, such wonderful voices, the narration, the narrative movement, the music, sounds, and the choice of poems and songs (I loved  Bubble and Squeak - what a tough song.)

You've created something rich and warm with memory, intimate but sort of a bit epic too. I wanted to have been there and I was a little sad when it ended.
Thank you - I loved it! Gawain Barker, Brisbane


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